Machine Features:


Product Features

  • Cast iron body
  • Classic model for tapping and Drilling
  • A very high CP ratio product
  • Double Piston area, powerful clamping force
  • High resistant to chips,fluid and dust

CAF-25/ CAF-40/ CAF-70

Varies type of jaw Pad

Machine Specifications:

(unit : mm)
  A B C D E F G Collet/Jaw
CAF-25 60(2.36") 162(6.38") 211(2.87") 73(4.06") 103(4.06") 26(1.02") 13(0.51") YB-25 Collet
CAF-40 94(3.70") 196(7.72") 265(10.43") 96(3.78") 124(4.88") 48(1.89") 13.5(0.53") C-40 Jaw
CAF-70 136(5.35") 216(5.35") 285(11.22") 103(4.06") 135(5.31") 68(2.68") C-70 Jaw


  Air/Hydrauilc Operating Pressure Max. Capacity(Through/None) Piston Area Gripping Force Net Weight
CAF-25 Air/Hydrauilc 3-15kg/cm²(43-214psi) 26mm/28mm(1.02"/1.10") 130mm((5.11") 3185kgf@7kg/cm²(7022lbf@100psi) 9.0kgs(19.8lbs)
CAF-40 3-10kg/cm²(43-142psi) 45mm/50mm(1.77"/1.97") 192cm(7.55") 4700kgf@7kg/cm²(10362lbf@100psi) 16.0kgs(35.3lbs)
CAF-70 5-10kg/cm²(71-142psi) 68mm/90mm(2.68"/3.54") 242mm(9.52") 5930kgf@kg/7cm²(13073lbf@100psi) 20.0kgs(44.1lbs)



(unit : mm)
Draw-back collet Max. Capacity
Model d a(slope) L M(Thead) Round Square Hexagon
YB-25 32.0 10° 102.0 M31.5XP20T 26.0 18.3 22.5


(unit : mm)
Model A B C D Bolts Working Chuck
C-40 65mm(2.66") 67.5mm(2.66") 9.mm(.0.35") 6.mm(.0.24") M6x12 JA7-40/JH7-40/JAS-40/KHS-40/CAF-40
C-70 105mm(4.13") 107.5mm(4.23") 9.mm(.0.35") 6.0mm(.0.24") M6x12 JA7-70/JH7-70/JH9-90/JHS-70/CAF-70