หัวจับดอกสว่าน DIN6343 COLLET

Machine Features:

CPC Power Collet Chuck

Available Models

  • Work with push type collet as DIN6343 Standard
  • High speed and high rigidity
  • lnstallation is compatible with through hole power chuck, share flange adaptor as well
  • Most use in turning maching , CNC Lathes
  • CPC-44 can alter to expanding mandrel by install expanding kits


  • CPC power collet chuck is most popular collet on CNC Lathe,work with DIN6343 Collet also the most ratio from 19 degrees of collet angle.
  • CPC-44 can switching from coamping become expanding by using the expanding kits.
  • CPC series is fitting the installation size with through-hole 3 jaws chuck,user can share same draw tube and flange adaptoe.


CPC-44 Guide for Expanding Method

(Standead range of I.D gripping 16~60mm ,special order 60-90mm)

CPC-44 can work C-44 collet to gripping O.D purpsealso can be switching to I.D clamping as a mandrel by install the expanding kits.

The expanding kiet including a push mansrel, a pin , a C-44L expanding collet,which C-44L collet is make by order.



Machine Specifications:



Model CPC-12Z140 CPC-44Z140 CPC-60Z170 CPC80Z220
Spindle nose Z140mm Z140mm Z170mm Z220mm
Expandable False True False True
A 155mm(6.10") 155mm(6.10") 186mm(7.32") 236mm(9.30")
B(P.C.D) 104.8mm(4.13") 104.8mm๖4.13") 133.4mm(5.25") 171.4mm(6.75")
C 140mm(5.51") 140mm(5.51") 170mm(6.69") 220mm(8.66")
D M66xP1.5 M66xP1.5 M90x1.5 M100xP2.0
L 125mm(4.92") 125mm(4.92") 140mm(5.50") 164mm(6.60")
M 104mm(4.09") 104mm(4.09") 134mm(5.28") 167mm(6.57")
N 23mm(0.91") 23mm(0.91") 27mm(1.06") 32mm(1.26")
J 3H-M10 3H-M10 6H-M12 6H-M16
Collet DIN6343 173E(B42) C-44 Collet/Expanding Kit DIN6343 185E(B60) DIN6343 193E(B80)
Sleeve Piston 4.5mm(0.18") 4.5mm(0.18") 4.5mm(0.18") 4.5mm(0.18")
Max.Capacity 42mm(1.65") 4.5mm(1.73") 60mm(2.36") 80mm(3.15")
Max. Push Force 2400kgf(5280lbf) 2400kgf(5280lbf) 3000kgf(6600lbf) 3300kgf(7260lbf)
Max. Gripping Force 4200kgf(9240lbf) 4200kgf(9240lbf) 5250kgf(11550lbf) 5775kgf(12705lbf)
Max. RPM 6000 6000 5000 4000
Net Weight 7.0kgs(15.4lbs) 7.0kgs(15.4lbs) 11.5kgs(25.3lbs) 22.5kgs(49.5lbs)



A2-4/S2-5/S2-6 A2-4/S2-5/S2-6 A2-5/S2-6/S2-8 A2-6/S2-5/S2-118



Chuck Mocel  Spindle Nose D Fiugre A H H2 E



A2-4 Fig.2 140(5.10") 82(3.25") 104.8(4.13") 20(0.79")
A2-5 Fig.1 140(5.10") 104.8(4.13") - 15(0.59")
A2-6 Fig.3 140(5.10") 133.4(5.25") 104.8(4.13") 40(1.57")
CPC-60Z170 A2-5 Fig.2 170(6.69") 104.8(4.13") 133.4(5.25") 23(0.91")
A2-6 Fig.1 170(6.69") 133.4(5.25") - 17(0.67")
A2-8 Fig.3 170(6.69") 171.4(6.75") 133.4(5.25") 45(1.77")
CPC-80Z220 A2-6 Fig.2 220(8.66")_ 133.4(5.25") 171.4(6.75") 27(1.10")
A2-8 Fig.1 220(8.66")_ 171.4(6.75") - 18(0.71")
A2-11 Fig.3 220(8.66")_ 235.0(9.25") 171.4(6.75") 54(2.13")


      Push-Forward collet Max. Capacity   
Model Fifure d a(slope) L D Round Square Hexagon
B42(173E) Fig.2 48.0 15º 94.0 60 42 30.1 36.3
B60(185E) Fig.2 66.0 15º 110.0 84 60 42.4 51.9
B80(193E) Fig.2 90.0 15º 130.0 107 80 56.5 69.2
C-44 Fig.2 54.0 19º 87.0 68 44 31.0 38.1