Machine Features:

Rotary Power Chuck for Both Gripping and Exabding (JA7-44 / JH7-44)

JA7-44 / JH7-44 can woek with C-44 collet to gripping O.D purposealso can be switching to I.D claming as mandrel by install the expanding kits.The expanding kit including a push mandrel,a C-44I expanding collet,which C-44 collet is make by order.

Product Features

  • Repeatability for collet type power chuck : 0.030mm - 0.050mm.
  • Air/Hydro cylinder is built-in. No need for extra cylinders.
  • Aluminum alloy chuck body,light weighted
  • Allows non-stop operation when loading parts.
  • Widely applied to convert manual lathe into powered ones.
  • Widely applied to build spesial purpose machines.



Push-forward Collet Max.Capacity
Model Fiqure d a(slope) L D Round Square Hexagon
C-44 Fig.2 54.0 19° 87.0 68 44 31.0 38.1

Machine Specifications:

Model JA7-44 JH7-44
A 192(7.56") 192(7.56")
B 155(6.10") 155(6.10")
C 44(1.73") 44(1.73")
D 5(0.20") 5(0.20")
E 135(5.31") 135(5.31")
F - -
G 107(4.21") 107(4.21")
H 212(8.35") 212(8.35")
I(P.C.D) 172(6.77") 172(6.77")
J 3H-M10(rear) 3H-M10(rear)
Collet/Jaw C-44 Collet / C-44I Expanding Kit C-44 Collet / C-44I Expanding Kit
Air/Hydrauliuc Hydraulic Hydraulic
Operating Pressure 2.20Kg/cm² / (28-286psi) 2.20Kg/cm²(28-286psi)
Max.RPM 1600 1600 
Max.Capacity(Through/None) 44mm(1.73") 44mm(1.73")
Piston Area 117cm²(18in²) 117cm²(18in²)
Gripping Force 4725kgf@7Kg/cm²(12020Ibf@100psi) 4725kgf@7Kg/cm²(12020Ibf@100psi)
Net Weight 17kgs(37.4ibs) 17kgs(37.4ibs)