Machine Features:

JAL SeriesPneumatic Cylinder

Product Features

  • Open center air cylineder, saving cast of hydraulic eqipment.
  • Open venter design allows bar parts gripping.
  • Adavence bearing design : low temperature rising when opration.
  • Low air leakage
  • Double piston design to offer high pulling force.(JA362)
  • Plesae use 5 um filter in F.R.L units.

Machine Specifications:

Model  JAL636 JA362
Piston Sindle Piston Double Piston
A 105(4.13") 107(4.21")
B 162(6.38") 175(6.89")
D(P.C.D) 115(4.53") 115(4.53")
E 100(3.94") 100(3.94")
F 55(2.17"0 50(1.97")
G 0~12.0(0"~0.47") -2.0~10.0(-0.10"~0.39")
H 58(2.28") 101(3.98")
J 120(4.72") 168(6.61")
K(for Drawtube) M42xP1.5 M42xP1.5
L 6-M10 6-M10
M(P.C.D) 147(5.79")8H-M6 N/A
Throigh Hole  36mm(1.42") 36mm(1.42")
Air pressur 2-8kg/cm²(29-114psi) 2-8kg/cm²(29-114psi)
Max. RPM 3200 3600
Piston Stroke 12mm(0.47") 12mm(0.47")
Piston Area 123cm²(19.1in²) 287mm(44.5")
Pulling Force 775kgf@7kg/cm²(1705lbf@100psi) 1810kgf@7kg/cm²(3980lbf@100psi)
Net Weight  7.2kgs(15.8lbs) 9.2kgs(20.3lbs)