Machine Features:

JDS Series Diaphragm Stationary Chuck

Product Features

  • Steel made body
  • Big through hole 40mm
  • Stepless clamping force, correlated to input pressure
  • Super long life
  • Low base, neat composition, come with rough rigidity
  • Applies to clamping and expanding working jaws blind switch permitted
  • High resistant to cutting chips, fluid and dust

Machine Specifications:

(unit : mm)
  A B C D E F(Through Hole) G
JDS-60 118(4.645") 115(4.527") 60(2.362") 44.5(1.751") 48(1.889") 20(0.787") 90(3.543")
JDS-100 188(7.401") 185(7.283") 100(3.937") 55(2.165") 59.5(2.342") 40(1.653") 155(6.102")


  H I J K Operation Pressure Jaw Net Weight
JDS-60 4(0.157") 97(3.818") 9mm(0.354") 118mm(4.645") 0.5-7kg/cm²(7.100psi) JDS-60 3.5kgs(7.7lbs)
JDS-100 5(0.169") 153(6.023") 11mm(7.480") 190mm(7.480") 0.5-7kg/cm²(7.100psi) JDS-100 10kgs(22lbs)


 Model A B C D F G H Jaw Split Chuck Model
JDS-60 65mm(2.56") 52mm(2.05") 45mm(1.77") 32mm(1.26") 12mm(0.47" 4.0mm(0.16") 4.5mm(0.18") 6 JDS-60
JDS-100 105mm(4.13) 90mm(3.54") 80.2mm(3.16") 65mm(2.56") 14mm(0.55) 5.5mm(0.22") 5.0mm(0.20") 8 JDS-100