Hard Turning

Machine Features:


Create a pass through system by integrating our modular single spindle ANS-3100P Hard Turning Lathe with a Fuji turning, milling or cutoff lathe, and increase throughput.

  • Built-in L290H Fuji swing arm robot
  • Hardened and ground box way construction
  • 90º bed for excellent chip flow
  • Machines a workpiece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving and boring in a single set-up unmanned
  •  FANUC OiTD Control

Machine Specifications:

 Spindle Diameter - mm (inch)  100 (3.94)
 Spindle Speed - rpm  35-3500
 Spindle Motor - kW (hp)  11/15 (15/20)
 Slide stroke: X-axis - mm (inch)  220 (8.66)
 Slide stroke: Z-axis - mm (inch)  465 (18.3)
 Turret  8-position
Carrying capacity - kg (lbs)    5 + 5 (11 + 11)
 FUJI Robot  L292-H


  •  Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  •  Larger capacity also available. Consult Fuji on your application.