Suthong Machinery Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 1990. We carry on business of importation and dealership of machinery and equipment used in a variety of industries; for instance, automobile and motorcycle parts, faucets and sanitary wares, polishing machines used in manufacturing industry and stainless containers. Up to present, we have enjoyed our achievement and prosperity.

In carrying on the business, we adhere to the vision of “The lifelong partnership starts once dealing with us” and “Reliable management creates the strengthened and secured business”. We maintain the highest integrity and take responsibility for our clients both before and after sale.
A diversity of machinery and accessories we importation and produced by large and reliable industrial plants located in Taiwan. Certified by ISO, our machinery and accessories pass the highest standard or inspection and quality assurance defined by our manufactures. In addition, to guarantee the after-sales services or teamwork is trained overseas in all aspects of deciduas and machine maintenance for delivering services to our customers. We presently have experienced and competent technical officers always available for service.
Thus far we are so proud to present that, allied with the machine manufacturer group, we are ready to give supports and provide technical advice, as well as render the excellent after-sale services to our clients in almost every category of indusial sectors.
To achieve the most efficient management system, we therefore have built a new showroom located on Rama II road so as to support our expensive expansion, such as client visits, and machinery demonstrations and tests. We are ready to welcome and provide helpful advice to maximize customer’s benefits under our visions and philosophies.