Machine Features:

All models with oil bathed lubrication system to headstock

All models meet CE. (on request)

All models with 40mm (1.57") spindle bore, ASA D1-4


  • Backplate for 7" chuck
  • Dead center MT.3
  • Dead center MT.3 with carbide tip
  • Spindle center sleeve MT.5
  • Level pads......6 pcs
  • Tool set & Box
  • Operation manual & parts list
  • Full length splash guard
  • Halogen lamp


3-Jaws scroll 7" chuck

4-Jaws independent 8" chuck

5C collet closer attachment

Driving plate with dog

Chuck Safety Guards

Electrical system for CE

Faceplate 12"

Digital read out system

Carriage micro stop set

Drill chuck & arbor

Rotating center MT.3

Taper turning attachment

Steady rest w/ball bearing

Follow rest w/bronze tip

Quick change tool post

Protect cover on leadscrew for CE


  • All castings are properly stabilized and stress relieved.
  • Bed ways are hardened & ground to min. HS-70.
  • Extremely low noise level.
  • Foot brake pedal provided.
  • Built-in coolant pump & fitting provided.
  • CSS (constant surface speed control) on request for E.V.S. model
  • Wider bed way which give absorbs vibration.
  • Anti-Float design backlash eliminator.
  • Fitted in cross slide nut.
  • Safety clutch at feed shaft.
  • One shot lubrication in carriage & top slide.
  • Dual dials supply inch system screw.
  • Metric dial supply metric system only.


  • Housing is vibration-absorbent, deflection-free.
  • Gears are hardened & MAAG or REISHAUER ground.


  • R/H or L/H wheel can be available on request.
  • Integrated automatic control for longitudinal & cross feeds, forward &reverse feeds.


  •  Universal type allowing a wide range of inch, metric, M.P., D.P. threads without change gears.


  •  Machined from forged alloy steel, hardened ground & dynamically balanced.
  • Three point support by high grade precision, machine tool taper roller & ball bearings.

Machine Specifications:

MODEL  ERL-1330 ERL-1340
Capacity Height of centers 171mm(6.73") 171mm(6.73")
Swing over bed Ø342mm(13.46")
Swing in gap Ø512mm(20")
Swing over cross slide Ø205mm(8.07")
Distance between centers 760mm(30") 1000mm(40")
Width of bed 230mm(9")
Gap width in front faceplate 150mm(5")
Headstock and
Main Spindle
Spindle nose, internal taper D1-4, MT. No.5
Spindle center sleeve MT. No.5 x MT. No.3
Spindle bore Ø40mm (1.57")
Spindle speed:
Gear steps / Range
8 steps / 80~2000 R.P.M.
16 stepts / 4P 50~1350 R.P.M.
2P 100~2570 R.P.M.
Carriage Length on bed / Width of carriage 400mm (15.748") / 384mm (15.118")
Cross slide travel 180mm (7")
Top slide travel 95mm (3.74)
Threads and Feeds Whitworth threads: Kinds / Range 45 kinds / 2~72 T.P.I.
Metric threads: Kinds / Range 39 kinds / 0.2~14 mm
D.P. threads: Kinds / Range 21 kinds / 8~44 D.P.
M.P. threads: Kinds / Range 18 kinds / 0.3~3.5 M.P.
Longitudinal feeds 0.05~1.7 (0.002"~0.067")
Cross feeds 0.025~0.85 (0.001"~0.034")
Tailstock Quill diameter Ø50mm (1.968")
Quill travel 112 mm (4.5")
Taper of center MT. No.3
Motor Main spindle OPT. 5HP 2P/ 2.5HP 4P
Coolant pump 1/8 HP
Measurement Weight (Net / Gross) Approx. 850 / 950kgs 1000 / 1120kgs
Packing size Length 2000mm (78.8") 2270mm (89.4")
Width x Height Width 965mm (38") x Height 1900mm (74.8")

 Specifications subject to change without notice.