Machine Features:

Cutting-Off Machine (3 ~ 16mm)

For cutting diameter: Ø3~16mm, Cutting length of work-piece rim: 15mmL/max

  • Convenient Design X, Y axis workable professional structure enhanced high-performance cutting accuracy.
  • Cutting Capacity:cutting diameter: Ø3~16mm Cutting length of work-piece rim: 15mmL/max
  • Patented Radius cutting by Dual-motor driver
  • Quick-Work-Changing System
  • Cooling System: Dry cooling

Machine Specifications:

Feature/Model GS-13
Drill Diameter ∅3∼16mm Carbide & HSS
Power Supply AC110V 50/60Hz  / AC220V 50Hz Single - Phase (Opt.)
Grinding Wheel Moter 150W / 5300 R.P.M.
Spindle Motor 50W /240 R.P.M.
Standard Cutting Wheel SD#100(∅100mm) - For Carbide
CBN#100(∅100mm)- For HSS
Standard Cutting Lengr 15mm(Max.Length)
Weight N.W.27.5Kg /G.W.29.5kg
Machine Size L:380mm W:230mm H:220mm
Packing Size L: 480mm W: 320mm H: 330mm
Type of Thinning X Thinning 
Standard Accessories SD#100(∅100mm) - For Carbide x 1 
CBN#100(∅100mm) Foe HSS x 1
E60 WA (∅100mm) x 5
Spinde Tool x 1 

Hexagon Wrench 3mm x1.4mm x1 

Cutting Wheel Fix Wrench x 1 
Net x 1 
Vacuum Cleaner Pipe Adapter x 1
Hexagon Wrench 3mm x 1, 5mm x 1
E100CBN-115(∅115mm) -For HSS
Option Q115mm Cutting Wheel
Optional Accessories SD#100 Grinding Wheel (∅110mm) W:5mm - For Carbide
SD#100 Grinding Wheel (∅110mm) W:10mm - For Carbide
CBN#100 Grinding Wheel (∅110mm) W:5mm - For HSS
CBN#100 Grinding Wheel (∅110mm) W:10mm - For HSS