Machine Features:

Horizontal Rotary Transfer Machine

6 Stations 5 Spindles-Cut‐out Valve

It is called "horizontal rotary" which is processed synchronously in three directions of 0°, 90° and 180° .It is used to kaihung high-quality control software system of servo or hydraulic for various industries (such as sanitary ware, valve, transportation vehicle manufacturer parts, etc.) which is suitable for large and complex processing of shaped workpieces. According to different materials such as aluminum, brass, steel and cast iron, each spindle can allow program editing whenever required and improve the capacity timeliness.
Kaihung machine combined with lathe machine that the optional equipment can be use the ABB manipulator, CCD vision recognize, safety grating, oil separator, oil mist collector, coolant thru spindle, etc. which can reduce the labor cost production rate and the quality and stable is better than the traditional machine.

  • Allowed for the machining of Valve (1/2",5/8")
  • With the 8 Stations 13 Spindles Trunnion Type Hydraullic Rotary Transfer Machine,creating the maximum-effectiveness,improved productivity
  • Material : Brass
  • C/T : approx. 10 sec.±10% / pcs

Machine Specifications: