Machine Features:

Trunnion Rotary Transfer Machine

8 Stations 14 Spindles-Valve

It is called " trunnion rotary " which is processed synchronously in three directions of 0°, 90° and 180° . The various industries of sanitary ware, valve, transportation vehicle manufacturer parts, etc. plans base on the servo or hydraulic system and combines with kaihung self-developed software. According to materials of aluminum, brass, steel and cast iron, each spindle can allow edit the processing program for complex shaped workpieces to improve the stability of the workpiece.
Kaihung machine combined with lathe machine that the optional equipment can match the oil separator, oil mist collector, coolant thru spindle, ABB manipulator, CCD vision recognize, safety grating, etc. No matter the quality and function control, it is easier to maintain and stability than the traditional machine.

  • Specification : 1/4"PT ~ 1"PT
  • Configure the latest R&D control system,the speed is faster.
  • Operation control screen, more optimized than the original system.
  • The software of Kaihung is developing has been reserved, so that guests can choose their own in the future.

Machine Specifications: