Machine Features:

Pressing Machine

Full-process Servo Assembling Press Machine

It is divided into servo pressing and hydraulic pressing. According to customer's requirements, Kaihung designs the pressing travel which can be free setting. In addition, servo pressing can be equipped with external travel and pressing force which is called “Full-process Servo Assembling Press Machine”. It can immediately monitor the value of travel and pressing force which draws the curve (stroke-pressing force) on the screen. The system integration widely applies to various industries and flexibly controls the pressing travel parameters. With high efficiency and stability, reducing the setup errors and monitor processing at any time.

  • The press is projected servo press mechanism and shows the press force on the screen which is equipped with magnetic loop measurement and three kinds of jig
  • It prepares quick change fixture system and the jigs of press have slide function
  • To ensure the safety of operator, work area is set up safety light curtain on the right side and left side
  • Processing : press fit induction magnetic loop / coupling / rear bearing

Machine Specifications: