Machine Features:

Armature Machine

Shaft Pressing and Run-out Measurement Machine

Kaihung Machinery classifies the workpiece of rotor into the combined assembling, assembling and testing machine which can be selected other equipment and connected with other equipment. It will achieve the automation production double performance.

* Identify the front and back of end cover; turn it over and heat to the set temperature.

  • The motor lamination and end cover are put on the fixture in order by manipulator.
  • Servo Pressing has real-time monitoring function for full stroke, and also can make curve chart about the stroke and pressure at the same time.
  • To reach real-time monitoring, machine can set up to 6 pieces of check Interval; when the pressure curve is over the interval, the system will alarm.
  • After pressing, it can Inspect the run-out of shaft. The accuracy is within 1um (0.001 mm).
  • Cycle Time: 45 sec./pcs

Machine Specifications: