CNC Compression Spiral Series

Machine Features:

CNC Compression Spiral Series


Features: The machinery that made by AN SU YI INDUSTRY CO., LTD., design with practical experience, choose the advanced material, dealing with necessarily machining process and heat treatment, cooperating with the peculiar division of labor cooperation in Taiwan, every processing step is all that the specialty makes sure most accuracy, mechanical precision is high, the stability is high, have long performance life.

CNC compression coil spring making machine, adopt high function servo motor include positional teaching function, with protection function, control system with CNC inside, therefore the machine can suffer higher room temperature change, the machine fault down becomes smaller, adopted with human-interface 7” LCD monitor and 32MB application memory, user friendly operation by touching screen, color contrast cleat to make operator’s vision comfortable, campproof treatment, temperature will not to rise CNC control system is strong and high-duration, long lift and reasonable price.

Machine Specifications: