Coil Machine Series

Machine Features:

Coil Machine Series


This series machine is suitable to produce all kinds spring, such as: Machinery, hardware, toy, electric apparatus, furniture, stationery, ball point pen, umbrella, motorcycle, bicycle, tools and so on.

The coil spring uses the wire material that can be adopted to: all grade spring steel wire, piano wire, Stainless Steel wire, iron wire, zinc-plated wire, copper wire etc.

Our machine capacity of making coiling spring or compressed spring, such as wire diameter range and its ability, please refer to the respective machine specification on its back page of catalog.

Choose the suitable wire coiling guider and wire guiding plate, cooperate with the required spring wire diameter, then according the minimum diameter to decide mold-shaft diameter, if it is a cylindrical type spring (the spring diameter is uniform without change), use the spring inner diameter to decide mold-shaft diameter to adjust the wire feeding length, accomplish the initial adjustment procedure.

In additional, if you want to make a deformation spring (it means the spring diameter is non-uniform with change), it needs to adjust the wire feeding length first, while this trial-run cylindrical coil spring its weight is as same as the sample, then grinding the deformation CAM accordingly, in this way, it is more easy to control the height/low and angle of this deformation CAM.

If want to produce pitch spring (compressed spring), it must adjust the spring without pitch firstly, when the machine can produce semi-product smoothly, then adjust the pitch CAM until the spring reach the required size, after that, adjust the transmission case to the suitable speed, then, the machine can start to run production.

Machine Specifications: