เครื่องแต่งล้อ CBN

Machine Features:

CBN Wheel Dressing Machine

CBN Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine can easily complete the shaping of the grinding wheel, ensure the grinding performance will not be affect by deformation of the grinding wheel. And dressing the grinding wheel in a fast and simple way, ensure grinding wheels are able to perform the best when grinding.

Machine Specifications:

Instruction / Model. KCD-1520
Capacity of removed 130 ~ 200 mm
Thickness of removed 1.2 mm ~ 12 mm
Wheel inner diameter 32 mm
Wheel motor 0.375 kw / 4p
Wheel rotating speed 600 ~ 1500 rpm
Total electronic power 0.5 kw
Gross weight 192 kgs
Dimension (W x H x D) 690x1420x640mm
* The specifications subject to change without prior notice.