เครื่องเจียรใบเลื่อย CNC 2-4 แกน

Machine Features:

2-4 Axis Automatic Saw Grinding Machine Features

2-4 Axis Automatic Saw Grinding Machine is suitable for HSS, Tungsten Carbide, Opening for Friction Saw, Grinding, Chamfering, Slotting, Pipe and pipe product manufacturing.

  • All castings are made of spherical graphite cast iron (FCD-45), tempering treatment to eliminate the internal stress of the casting. Good shock absorption and wear resistance.
  • Driven by AC servo motor with precision ball screw providing extremely precise positioning
  • The high-rigidity slide is driven by servo motor, and the slideway uses a linear slide, which shows the characteristics of safety, precision, low wear and smooth movement.
  • Digital parameter input, including the number of teeth, tooth depth, backlash angle, feed speed, etc., all input data will be display with graphics to ensure the quality of grinding.
  • Tooth type change is fast and easy, just select the tooth type button on the screen, you can grind the required tooth type, machine is also equip with tooth alignment function, easy to operate.
  • The computer and control system all adopt modular design which is able to display error code on the screen when detect abnormality, makes the machine easy to maintenance.
  • The machine structure is strong and stable, with a service life of several decades, saving maintenance or replacement costs.
  • Sufficient stock with consumptive parts and can be shipped for customer replacement at any time without wasting time on standby.
  • User friendly operating interface, no need to hire professional operator
  • Just input the parameter, machine will operate automatically to save manpower

Machine Specifications:

Model. KNC - 500CBN
 Saw blade diameter 70~500mm
 Pitch range 24mm(max.)
 Wheel diameter 200 mm
 Wheel inner diameter 32 mm
 Wheel motor 3.75 kw
 Pneumatic pressure requirement -
 Total electric power 9 kw
 Gross weight 1,500 kgs
Dimension (W x H x D) 146x200x208cm
* The specifications subject to change without prior notice.