Hot Forging Presses G

Machine Features:

FP-600G-1600G Hot Forging Presses

Hot Forging Presses FP-G Series is suitable for manufacturing the forging involved in hand tools, autos, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, ships, airplanes, machine tools, textile machines, woodwork machines, conveying equipment, mining machinery, hardware parts'etc.


  • The upward and downward material-topping design reduces the inclination of the mold cavity so as to minimize the material consumption and so as to save materials.
  • Strong motivity ensures high production efficiency.
  • High speed traveling between the forging materials and the molds extends the working life of the molds.
  • The machine has a long stroke which is different from the conventional short stroke such that the machine is more suitable for conducting variouskinds of forging operations.
  • The windows formed in both sides of machine frame facilitate the transmission of forging and enable automatic pressing operation.
  • The box-type machine frame has high rigidity which is ideal for cold, warm or hot forging operations and which ensures high-precision forging.
  • High production efficiency 'simple operation' easy maintenance and low production cost.
  • Specially designed mold stick release device can easily solve the mold jammed problem and ensures easy operations.
  • The long guide way design features with better anti-inclination, allows heavy eccentric load, enables multi-forging operations and ensure high-precision forging.
  • The centralize lubrication system reduces frictions among various mechanical parts.
  • Multi-safety operation circuit system assures the safety of operators.
  • Our machine meets the CNS inspection standards in terms of accuracy.
  • The machine is suitable for making longer parts and material vertical to forge such as alloy, aluminum parts. It is double geared driven which offers higher torque. FPG type can adjust the press stroke speed(SPM) but FP type can't.

Machine Specifications:

Item/Model Unit FP-600(600 TONS) FP-800(800 TONS) FP-1000(1000 TONS)
Capacity Tons 600 800 1000
Stroke of ram   mm 250 250 250
Adjustnent of ram  mm 10 10 10
Number of stroke Spm 85 85 85
Work number of stroke Spm 18 16 16
Shut height mm 650 650 800
Rated tonnage point mm 5 5 5
(L-R&F-B)Ram dimension mm 690*370 800*790 940*850
(L-R&F-B)Table simension mm 880*880 980*1000 1100*1050
(L-R&F-B)Side window mm 500*600 600*600 700*650
Main motor  Kwxp 55kw*4p 55kw*4p 75kw*4p
Ram of adjustmant motor  Kwxp 0.4kw*4p 0.75kw*4p 0.75kw*4p
Motor of lubrication Kwxp 0.1kw*4p 0.1kw*4p 0.1kw*4p
Ejector in the ram  Tons-mm 6Ton-20mm 6Ton-30mm 2.5x3=7.5Ton-30mm
Ejector in the Table Tons-mm 12Ton-40mm 12Ton-40mm 8x3-25Ton-40mm
Ejector hydraulic oil motro Kwxp 5.5kw*6p 5.5kw*6p 7.5kw*6p
Working number-distance Number-mm 1 1 3-200
Air pressure kg/cm2 5 5 5
Press weight kg 44,000 55,000 75,000
(L*W*H*)Press dimension mm 2500*3500*4700 2900*3800*5100 3000*4300*5500