เครื่องจักรแปรรูปประเภทยก 6 สปินเดิล

Machine Features:


  • To utilize precision hydraulic coupling gear index table ,High precision dividing effect
  • Funtion:drilling,reaming,facing,tapping
  • Electric control:PLC system
  • Machine:L1500xW2400xH2000(mm
  • Machine weight:2500KG


  • 1st ~ 3rd spindle reaming motor:5HPx4P
  • 4th ~ 6th spindle tapping motor:5HPx6P
  • Motor horse power change subject to size of work piece
  • Tap spindle motor with options of brake motor or frequency converter installation
  • Spindle outside diameter 110, Max stroke 150mm
  • Tee, Bend, Nipple, Ball valve and Gate valve body and so forth can be processed
  • LFS-95-6Z model is suitable for workpiece under 1"PT,it efficiently increases capacity
  • & reduces machine and processing costs
  • Human machine interface(HMI),as optional equipment


  • Electric system PLC
  • Hydraulic pump motor:3HPx4P double pump=1set, 2HPx4P single pump=1set
  • Cutting fluid setting: water pump motor 1/4HP, tank capacity 200 liter
  • Total horse power:35HP
  • Machine size:L2500xW2500xH2200(mm)
  • Total weight:4500KG

Machine Specifications: