KGS-Surface Grinder Manual Series

Machine Features:

  • KGS-618, KGS-250M, KGS-616S: Three axis manual hand feed surface grinder, offer high accuracy grinding of small parts. These models are affordable and easy to learn on and operate.
  • KGS-618H: Two axes ( Y &Z) driven by manual hand feed but X axis driven by a hydraulic system with cylinder and separate hydraulic power pack to prevent heat dissipation and vibration transmitted to the machine.
  • All major structures are casted with high quality grade iron which supply high stability , strong rigidity and high damping capacity.
  • Cartridge-type spindle provides not only high precision, strong regidity but easy serviceability.
  • Single – walled column construction provides high rigidity and high cutting efficiency.
  • KGS-618M: Slide ways of X and Z axes are Turcite B coated with hand crapped to provide smooth and accurate movement and consistency.
  • KGS-616S: Turcite B coating on slide ways, Roller ball ways on X Axis for smooth, accurate movement but also long- lasting performance
  • Easy-to-use control panel, located conveniently for user to operate quickly and easily.
  • KGS-616S, KGS-618M, KGS-618H Vertical feed (Y axis) 0.005 mm per graduation of hand wheel, able to add micro-feed system (optional) that supply feed rate of 0.001mm
  • KGS-250M: vertical feed (Y axis) 0.01mm per garduation of hand wheel, able to add micro-feed system (optional) that supply feed rate of 0.001mm
  • Optional accessories: Inclinable magnetic chuck is available, suited for angel grinding. With chuck control box, clamping force is able to adjusted upon load of parts.


Machine Specifications:



Specifications Unit KGS-616S KGS-618M KGS-618H KGS-250M
Capacity Table working area mm 410x160 460x150 460x200
Longitudinal travel mm 430 475 540
crossfeed Traval mm 200 185 260
Distance from spindle center to table mm 445 380 475
Table load including magnetic chuck kg 100 120 100
Table & Cross feed T-slot mm x n 14x1
Longitudinal table speed m/min     3∼25  
Cross feed on hand wheel 1 gra. mm 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02
1 rev. mm 4 5 5 4
Grinding Wheel Wheel dimension mm ∅180x6∼20x∅31.75 ψ180x13xψ31.75
Spindle motor hp(kw) 2(1.5) 2(1.5)
Spindle speed 50HZ rpm 3000 3000
60HZ rpm 3600 3600
Vertical Movement Vertical on hand wheel 1 gra. mm 0.005 0.005 0.01
1 rev. mm 2 1 2
Dimension & Weight Machine height mm 1645 1995 1775
Floor space mm 1610x1120 1800x1200 1800x1400
Net weight kg 630 700 1300
Cross weight kg 780 850 1500