KGS-Surface Grinder Automatic Series

Machine Features:

  • AH series: 2-axes Automatic and Y axis manual hand feed surface grinder. This series is affordable and easy to learn on and operate.
  • AHD series: 3 – Axes Automatic Surface Grinding Machine. Flange mount spindle provides not only high precision, strong regidity but maintenance free.
  • All major structures are casted with high quality grade iron which supply high stability , strong rigidity and high damping capacity.
  • Column machine is designed in double – layer type for higher rigidity, torsion resistance and high cutting efficiency.
  • Slide ways of X and Z axes are Turcite B coated with hand crapped to provide smooth and accurate movement and consistency.
  • Advanced hydraulic system with independent oil tank to prevent heat dissipation and vibration transmitted to the machine.
  • Easy-to-use control panel, located conveniently for user to operate quickly and easily.
  • Control panel: easily set up the operating cycles (cutting amount, infeed times) by pre-set system. The table would stop automatically after the cycle finish.
  • Electromangetic chuck would be equipped with a chuck control box, able to adjust clamping force upon load of parts and accuracy requirements. Rapid mode for Y axis is available, allow Y axis quickly move the tool to workpiece. Vertical feed (Y axis) 0.002 mm per graduation of hand wheel (AHD series).


1 Grinding wheel Grinding wheel
2 Wheel balancing stand & arbor Wheel balancing stand & arbor
3 Wheel flange & extractor Wheel flange & extractor
4 Levelling pad & bolt Levelling pad & bolt
5 Tool box & tools Tool box & tools
6 Table splash guard Table splash guard & Rear splash guard
7 Working lamp Working lamp
8 Wheel dressing diamond tip & holder Wheel dressing diamond tip & holder



Machine Specifications:

 Specification   Unit 250AH/AHD 1020AH/AHD 63AH/AHD 84AH/AHD
Capacity     Overall table working area mm 460x200 500x250 600x300 800x400
Longitudinal  travel mm 540 560 710 910
Cross feed table travel mm 260 275 340 450
Distance spindle center to table mm 475 475 600
Table load including magnetic chuck   kgs 100 250 420 700
Table & cross feed        T-slot  mm*N 14x1 14x3
Longitudinal table speed   m/min 5~28
Crossfeed on hand wheel   Igra. mm 0.02
Irev. mm 4 5
Auto cross feed per stroke  mm 0.1~12 0.1~15
Power cross feed  50Hz mm/min 800 1000
60Hz  mm/min 1000 1200
Grinding wheel Wheel dimension mm Ψ180x13xΨ31.75 ∅180x25x∅31.75 ∅355x38x∅127
Spindle speed 50Hz r.p.m 3000 1500
60Hz  r.p.m 3600 1800
Vertical movement      Verical on handwheel  Igra. mm 0.01 AH:0.01/AHD:0.001
 Irev. mm 2 AH:2/AHD:0.5
Auto down feed elevation  mm 0.002~0.02 0.005~0.025
Power head increment   50Hz mm/min   240
60Hz  mm/min 300
Motor       Spindle motor KW*P 2(1.5) 3(2.2) 5(3.75) 7.5(5.6)
Power elevation motor  KW*P - 80
Hydraulic motor  KW*P 1(0.75) 2(1.5) 2(1.5) 3(2.2)
Cross feed motor   W*P 40 80
Dimension & weight     Machine height  mm 1775 1775 1830 1875
Floor space    mm 1800x1400 2100x1800 2600x2500 3600x2600
Net weight    kgs 1300 1430 1750 2800
Gross weight   kgs 1500 1650 1950 3000