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CNC แมชชีนนิ่งเซ็นเตอร์ แนวนอน รุ่น BMH SERIES

Machine Features:


(BT50) X1530 / Y1250 / Z1250
  • The gear-type spindle is transmitted by a gearbox with high / low speed change, featuring greater torque output for heavy duty machining.
  • Massive base weighs 9 tons combined with extra wide 6 box ways ( span between ways up to 2,800 mm ) providing solid support for the entire machine. 27-ton total machine weight features unmatched structural rigidity.
  • Big table surface measures 2,400 (L) X 1,000(W) (2200) and 2,700(L) X 1,000 (W) (2500) mm permitting maximum load up to 3,500 kgs, making the machine ideal for medium and large mold machining. (L X W:2,200 mm X 1,000 mm)
  • Extra large Y-axis(1,250 mm) design provides increased working capacity.
  • Comprehensive Chip Removal System: Two chip augers are provided at the right and left side of the machine combined with powerful flushing device and screw-type or link chain-type ( optional ) chip conveyor at front of the machine. All these ensure that the machine is clean at all times.

Machine Specifications:

Model BMH2200
Work Table 2400 X 1000 mm
T-slot 22 X 160 X 6
Max. Loading 3500kg
X/Y/Z 3 axes travel 2200 X 1250 X 1250mm
Spindle nose to work table center 200~1450mm
Spindle center to work table surface 250~1500mm
Method of spindle Gear Head(Hi-Low 2 speed)
Spindle Taper BT50
Spindle Diameter 100 mm
Spindle Speed 6000 rpm
(Gear head - high and low gear)
3 axes Slide Way X、Z(Box Way)
Y(Linear Way)
3 axes Cutting Feed rate 6 m/min
3 axes Rapid Feed rate 12(X),10(Y0,Z) m/min
ATC 凸輪
Tool Selection ARM Type
Max. Tool Diameter X Length Φ105 X 400 mm
Max. Tool Weight 15KG
Tool Shank BT-50
Tool magazine capacity 24T
Spindle Motor(con./30 min.) 18.5/22 KW
X/Y/Z axis motor 9/9/9 KW
X/Y/Z axis Ball Screw Φ50mm X Pitch 12/Φ63mm X Pitch 12/Φ63mm X Pitch12(X/Y/Z)
Coolant tank capacity 660W
External Dimension(L X W X H)(Approx) 6100 X 5982 X 4011 mm
Net Weight/ Gross weight (Approx) 27000kg/30000kg
Splash Guard Half splash cover
Coolant Tank Capacity 40”FR+40”HQ
Shipment Require 1000L

All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.