Machine Features:

Proudct Description  / Product parameters

  • Original non-electrolytic power supply technology, which can't be changed color when processing TITANIUM alloy and reduces the redissoloving layer and prolongs the life of the die.
  • Best Surface Finish 3.Max cutting speed: 300平方毫米
  • Advanced pulse supply realizes low wear rate:processing100000mm2/ wire wears 0.005mm
  • Professional high quality industrial computer and international brand device ensure stable and reliable      performance
  • X/Y axes equip with Mitsubishi AC servo Motor and driver make processing stable and get high precision for multi cutting.
  • High precision ball screw and linear guideway realize pitch compensation function and greatly improve positioning accuracy and mechanical following
  • High strength and stability resin sand castings, bed with sufficient rigidity and strength

Machine Specifications:

Model HA400U
Worktable dimension 820×610mm
Worktable stroke(X,Y) 320×400mm
Max.workpiece weight 500kg
Max.workpiece height 350mm
Max. Cutting Angle 12°/50mm
Max cutting speed 300mm2/min
Max. Cutting Currrent 12A
Best Surface Finish Ra≤0.6µm
Wire diameter 0.13~0.25mm
Machine Dimmension(L*W) : 2530mm×1600mm
Machine weight 2200Kg