Machine Features:

  • Linear motor is the "maglev" in machine tool. Because there is no mechanical contact, high responsiveness can be achieved and the ball-screw backlash can be eliminated,the accuracy can be maintained for a very long time.
  • Linear motor driven HB400L wire cutting machine tool, five-axis full CNC, performance upgrade again
  • Full closed loop drive of linear motor (X, Y axis)
  • Z axis numerical control (X, Y, U, V, Z five-axis full CNC control) is realized for the first time.
  • Original non-electrolytic power supply technology
  • Best Roughness Finish: Ra0.6μm
  • Max.Cutting speed 300㎜²/min


Machine Specifications:

Model HB400L

Machine body

Worktable stroke(X,Y): 400*300mm

Wire Speed  1.18-11.8m/s 
Machine weight  2260/2560㎏ 
Machine Dimension(L*W)  2020*1700mm
Max.workpiece height 300mm 
Max. Cutting Angle  20º/100mm
Worktable size 580*460mm 
Max.workpiece weight  500㎏ 

Water tank

Filter accuracy  0.01mm 
Capacity   130L
Working Methode    FiltrationSystem

Pulse Power

Max cutting speed ≥300㎜²/min 
Best Surface Finish   Ra≤0.6μm
Max. Cutting Currrent  12A 
CNC Hardware Configurations:  

Linear Motor, Full closed-loop

and Schneider Inverter  
Data Port  USB, LAN 
Programming Code   ISO code 
Axis Numbers 
5-axis and 4 axis simultaneous control, 

pitch compensation realized

Menu Language

Chinese/English/English (Inch)/ Italian/ Korean/JapaneseAluminum cutting option

Power Supply

Power 380V±10% 50±1HZ
Working temperature   10-35℃
Consumption     1.2KVA
Pneumatic Power Air pressure   0.5MPa above
Supply flow    30NL/min(ANR)
Air Port  6(Innerdiameter)