Machine Features:

Proudct Description  / Product parameters

Product Description:

  • Close-loop control
    Imported Linear Scale with THK Ball Screw, which realizes long-term accuraccy guarante.
  • LRT1 Intelligent Pulse Power Supply
    LRT1 not only achieves high roughness finish,but also enures high productivety and high efficiency.
  • Easy to use
    Using ergonomic design of the operation panel and interface,based on Windows XP, Touching Screen,Easy to use and learn.


  • Linear Scale imported and Close-loop system
  • THK Guide Way and Ball Screw
  • Grundfos pumps
  • 5 Axis AC servo system
  • Inverter imported
  • Windows XP
  • Touching Screen and Mouse

Machine Specifications:

Model LA350
Worktable Dimension(L×W) 600×400mm
Worktabel Stroke(X×Y) 350×250mm
Z Stroke 210mm
Max. workpiece height 200mm
Max. workpiece weight 350Kg
Max.cutting Angle/ Height ±15°/100mm
Max.cutting speed ≥210 mm2/min
Machining method Flushing
Wire diameter range 0.15~0.3mm
Machine dimension(L×W×H) 1495×1280×2050mm
Machine weight 1990Kg